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Happy New Year

Please read as my hours have been updated for to COVID-19, Delta and the Omicron Variant. We have to take safety precautions. Please Wear A MASK Upon Entering

As you know; I like to update you all Every Month with changes coming into the New Year.... Happy New Year.. ChynaDaBarber is still Open from Wednesdays thru Saturdays ONLY But @ Two Different Locations Wednesday only is the 1st Location: Florissant Location: 1st location is $50..

Thursday -Thru- Saturday: 2nd Location: Hair Design 2000 Please pay Attention when You're Booking. ( Check & Update your info if necessary)

I'm sure this can get confusing and I apologize for any inconvenience but once you book your appointment: I will let you know exactly where we will be..

Time It is important that you're on time: if you're more than 10min late: you will NOT be receiving a haircut but will still have to pay the fee of $15... (If you do not notify me) All Appointments Must Be Booked 24Hours In Advance ~Appointments Are Necessary!!

$50 NoN Appt {Walk-in}(Not Guaranteed) ~All Sundays and Mondays will be a flat fee of $75 ~Cuts Before or After Hours~ starting at $60 and vary depending on time of service.

~Hair MUST be shampooed or there will be a $10 fee or even cancellation upon arrival. If you book and do a no call no show; you will be notified through email; if there is no response or payment of cancellation: you will be removed from booking on the website.. Booking: Prior to Booking Wednesday Only: you must pay a $15 Non Refundable Deposit which can be paid thru CASHAPP or PayPal CASHAPP: $ChynaDaBarber PayPal: No Deposit needed at Hair Design 2000 Wednesday Only: Once Deposit is received; you will receive confirmation with the address and further rules for your appointment: Please Be Patient while I uploaded my website but I Thank you for sticking with ChynaDaBarber If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.. thank you: CHYNADABARBER of COMEGETSTAMPEDLLC Only the Stamp is accepted at the Florissant Location.... {VIP MEMBERS}: Clients that's been cutting over 4+years. If I've cut your hair at in Florissant: you're a VIP Member.. Please pay Attention when You're Booking: Any and All Cancellations of an Appointment starts at $5 Booking Online: It is important that you're on time: if you're more than 10min late: you will moved to the end of the line or may NOT be getting a haircut but will still have to pay a fee of $15.

Appointments: Booked 24Hrs In Advance ~Appointments Are Necessary!! There is a $50 NoN Appointment Fee (Haircut is still Not Guaranteed) Sometimes I do Walk-in Specials: make sure you Check the Blogs Occasionally.. Cancellations: Any and All Cancellations of an appointment will start at $5 if the appointment is cancelled more than 10hrs in advance... $10 Cancellation Fee for Appointments Cancelled 5 Hrs before the Appointment. $15 Cancellation Fee for Appointments Cancelled within 2 hours Before your Appointment; Fees: MUST be paid before next booking or will not be able to book. Booking: You can book your Appointment for up to 2 weeks in advance. All Appointments Must Be Booked 24 Hours In Advance. Holidays are $100 (Excluding Christmas & Thanksgiving & New Years). Sunday & Monday cuts are appointments Only for $75.(not negotiable) All Cuts prices are different prices.. Must Request Quote for questions; SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS & House Calls start at $80plus+traveling fee which is also 24 Hours in Advance..

For a Quote: Please send a message: you will receive a response within 24hrs. Thank you; ChynaDaBarber. For Cuts on Wednesday: Please send a message for a consultation..

Thank you.. Come Get Stamped by ChynaDaBarber of ComeGetStampedLlc

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