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ChynaDaBarber Last week for Surgery

Updated: Jan 29

would like to thank you for continuing to Support me, ChynaDaBarber; I appreciate your patience while I'm still trying to update my website... For Faster, easier booking; Join "ChynaDaBarber" app to get in touch, stay updated and more on the go. Please Go & Download the Spaces by Wix app now; to Join click:➡️


Next Week: I will be having Surgery on my Hand, [Dominant (Cutting) Hand] and will NOT BE CUTTING!!


Saturday, Feb 4th will be my last day cutting before my Surgery... Doc says; 3-6 weeks

I WILL BE out: February 6th and for the ENTIRE month of February. I will update Everyone of my return, Hopefully in March

Enter Promo Code: "StampChamp"

This code is Good until Feb 6th!!!

I'm giving Everyone $5 off until my Surgery


Due to my surgery: There are No more Walk-In Wednesdays but appointments are available.

The Mask Mandate has been Removed from the shop, However in your confirmation email when you book, I will still request that you have it on when entering the shop.. Just to stay safe.

Booking: Rules & Regulations

Hair Must be Shampooed & Conditioned Before Appointment

-Please Do Not Book "Taper and Lining" unless you have Braids or locs.. if you book incorrectly, you will notified in an email and will be CHARGED "Stamped" price of $50...

*Please pay Attention when You're entering your info to book your appointment! Remember, You booked the time and date: ...

Please make sure you book the correct date and time of your appointment..

Please Make sure your number and/or email is correct.

You should receive an confirmation email when you book. You can also get a text reminder & you can also add your appointment to your calendar... Especially if you have the app... (Download The App)

*Booking: You can book your next Appointment up to 2 weeks in advance.

*All Appointments must Be Booked 24Hrs in advance. You will also have to book each appointment per person.

Cancellations: Any & All Cancellations of an appointment will start at $5...

$10 Cancellation Fee for Appointments Cancelled 5 Hrs Before the Appointment.

$15 Cancellation Fee for Appointments Cancelled within 2 hours Before your Appointment

All Cancellations must be Paid before/at next Appointment.

Late Appointments: If a client shows up more than 10 minutes late: You have to pay a late fee of $5 if you are more than 15min late; You may waive your right to receive haircut. If you're late, that makes the clients behind you late... Please be on time